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Beneficie da nossa marca!

Sabemos que a escolha dos fornecedores certos é uma parte essencial do sucesso empresarial. Os fornecedores são uma afirmação sobre quem somos enquanto empresa e a hotelaria nunca foi tão exigente.
A qualidade e a fiabilidade são tudo!
Oferecemos grãos excelentes a um preço excelente, sempre que precisar deles. Não existem contratos ou encomendas mínimas.

O acesso ao café artesanal de especialidade nunca foi tão fácil.

Apoiamos na formação e equipamento para que possa servir os melhores cafés.
Quer pretenda proporcionar uma excelente experiência aos seus clientes ou para seu próprio consumo. 

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Tornar-se um Parceiro De Revenda

Because good coffee is important...


Ethically Sourced Specialty Coffee

Coffee has a history of bringing people together. The specialty coffee movement (3rd wave) has exploded around the world, particularly for show casing what single origin beans can do, when roasted to point and caring about where the coffee comes from. Join our growing team of partners and attract customers that share these values.


Confidence in Al-Gharb

Our brand is known for consistency, quality and reliability. Customers know that they don't need to know anything about specialty coffee to have their daily latte, just the way they like it, or they could explore the world of flavours of the sub-tropics, in a pour over. Coffee lovers get happiness from coffee either through ritual or trying new things. Gain new customers, who value both.



Not sure what equipment to get? No problem. We can help you source the tools, that meet your business needs and get you turning out great coffee. We have developed relationships with several manufacturers and are able to offer competitive pricing on equipment.

Even if you are running a small restaurant and only need a simple coffee program.


Coffee Knowledge

No real experience with coffee is necessary. It's our job to train you with courses tailored to your level and needs.  The only minimum requirement is that partners  are willing to put in the time and effort to make great coffee. 

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Order Anytime

Freshly roasted coffee whenever you need it, with no cut-off dates.

The online portal makes it easy to order, whenever you have the time. 


No Commitments

You buy our coffee because you and your customers like it. You're in business for yourself, don't owe anyone. Especially not the coffee guy.


Free Shipping

Any orders over €20 to mainland Portugal or Spain are free. Prices to other countries in the EU can be negotiated.

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Thanks for reaching out. We will get in touch with you shortly.

Al-Gharb Coffee Roasters

Portes grátis - Para qualquer encomenda superior a 20€ (envio para Portugal e Espanha - Continente)

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