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This titan of a blend, comes together to pull a perfect shot, unleashing notes of chocolate and nuttiness, through a medium body, with a hint of fruitiness. It is everything a good specialty coffee espresso should be. 

Coffee Beans


Blending borders on alchemy!


We have taken the best beans to build a foundation for a beautiful blend.


The beans are individually roasted with care and then cupped and tested over and over for quality and consistency, until...

Adamastor - the untameable sea beast is transformed into the perfect espresso.   

Adamastor is more than a coffee. It is a story, a legend, that teaches us that all unknowns can be challenged and overcome. 

That even the great Portuguese explorers had to fight to overcome their conquer new lands. 

 a storm in a coffee cup 

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 14.09_edited.jpg

Adamastor is rooted in the history and legends in age of Portuguese Exploration.


He is mythical titan banished to the mountains on the tip of Africa, for falling in love with a nymph. An epic poem in 16th Century foretells of how Vasco da Gama challenged Adamastor as he raged storms on their ships, until the beast was tamed and granted passage to the Indian Ocean. 

  the legend of ADAMASTOR

Al-Gharb Coffee Roasters

Envío gratuito - Para cualquier pedido superior a 30€ (enviado a Portugal y España - Península)

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