Papua New Guinea - Kanale Kainantu Eastern Highland
  • Papua New Guinea - Kanale Kainantu Eastern Highland



    Papua New Guinea - Kanale Kainantu Eastern Highland


    Quick facts:

    Region: Kainantu Eastern Highlands

    Processing: Fully Washed

    Altitude: 1800-1900

    Varietals: Arusha, Borbon and Typic


    Tasting Notes: 

    Notes of sweet red fruits, chocolate, medium body and elegant notes to caramel


    Roast Master Hennings Comments:

    Ah - my wifes favourite coffee. Not only does she love the fact that this coffee is produced by women, she loved the elegance and the velvety texture. I struggled roasting this coffee at first, but once I found the right approach I was blown away by the balance of flavours.


    Interesting facts about the producer:

    Kanale coffee has the magic of PNG's finest weaved by the best red cherries harvested by women's hands, passionate about coffee, who have successfully succeeded in maintaining the tradition of coffee inherited from their parents and has become a beacon for equity in the new socio-economic parameters of PNG.


    Kanale coffee possesses not only excellent flavour with notes of sweet chocolate, medium body and elegant notes to caramel, it signifies the leadership of the passionate women who with coffee creates a special world for the community and is the force behind the development of coffee and in the region.


    Our emblematic wet mill is located at one of the best coffee growing lands, the cool breeze from the coast makes its way through a valley and all the way to Kainantu, making it colder than other parts of the Eastern Highlands, added with higher altitude (1800-1900 masl), abundant rain and rich volcanic soil provides platforms to achieve the distinctive cup.


    Kanale is about effortlessly blending PNG's culture with the new direction of thinking brought about by the positive change being impacted in the society, a coffee bringing magic into the lives of PNG's farmers, society and saluting its enterpreneurialspirit.


    Let there be more magic in the world.

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