Honduras - Santa Elena - Finca Loma de en medio
  • Honduras - Santa Elena - Finca Loma de en medio



     HondurasSanta Elena - Finca Loma de en medio


    Quick facts:

    Region: Santa Elena

    Finca: Loma de en medio

    Producer: Reina Margarita Gómez

    Processing: washed

    Altitude: 1777 masl

    Varietals: Pacamara


    Tasting Notes: 

    Honey and cocoa, lactic notes that remind of toffee, light notes of apricot, medium-high acidity with creamy body and good sweetness


    SCA Score: 87.75


    Roast Master Hennings Comments:

    I fell in love with Pacamara beans after trying a coffee from another roaster and I just needed to have some in our selection. The complex body and layers of flavour of this coffee are ideal for an afternoon pour over. After our first brew, I thought someone dropped honey on my cup … the sweetness was so noticable. 


    More infos about where this coffee comes from:

    Reina Margarita Gómez, began her life as a coffee farmer 12 years ago, being the first generation in her family to be dedicated to the world of coffee. “I came to the world of coffee because I liked to see how my people community developed the activities, but I thought it could be done another way”.

    The activities on the plot are carried out with the help of her husband, with him she prepares the organic fertilizers that are applied to the plants according to the period or their nutritional needs. “I like to prune plants, I enjoy that very much. When the harvesting process arrives it is a time that I enjoy a lot because I have fun, I enjoy it a lot because it is a pleasure to cut coffee since my plants have excellent productivity.”

    Reina Margarita Gómez, is a partner of COMSA, since its inception, recognizes that this has allowed her to improve the practices he implements in the plot. In addition, it has allowed her to develop awareness in caring for the environment and have an ecological production.


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