Decaffeinated - Colombia Excelso - Departamento de Caldas
  • Decaffeinated - Colombia Excelso - Departamento de Caldas





    Colombia Excelso - Departamento de Caldas


    Quick facts:

    Region: Departamento de Caldas

    Processing: washed

    Altitude:1.600 masl



    Tasting Notes: 

    Decaffeinated coffee with good fragrance, sweet notes of caramel and  intense flavour of cocoa, medium acidity.


    SCA Score: 84.5


    Roast Master Hennings Comments:

    Death to “death to decaf” - seriously - this is a lovely coffee. I am still craving the kick of caffeine but for anyone who has issues with it this one leaves nothing to be desired. My friend Steve (who has a severe caffeine intolerance even called it “good - tastes like real coffee”. )


    More infos about where this coffee comes from:

    Caldas coffee is special. Hardworking muleteers, coffee growers, indigenous communities, Afro-Colombians and entrepreneurial coffee generations allow the fruit to sprout in 25 municipalities. All involved hands, carry the same dedication and care for coffee in their heart. 

    Caldas coffee is not only the driver of the economy and generates the income for over 30,000 families, it is the source for traditions. 


    Today all efforts of the producers and the institutional coffee makers have led to the production of sustainable coffee in all 25 coffee-growing municipalities of Caldas.


    Certifications and verification of origin promote the sustainable conditions for the coffee production and show the world the variety and richness of Caldas coffees.


    The decaffeination process is carried out in the city of Manizales with ethyl acetate process, which is naturally extracted from sugar cane. 

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