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    Brazil - Eagle Monte Carmelo


    Quick facts:

    Region: Cerrado Mineiro

    Processing: Natural

    Altitude: 800 - 1,350 masl

    Varietals: Mundo Novo, Catuaí


    Tasting Notes:

    Classic Cerrado profile: notes of rich chocolate, dried fruit, sugar cane and nuts.

    Sweet with a long lasting finish.


    SCA Score: 84


    Roast Master Hennings Comments:

    Uncomplicated does not mean simple. Our brazilian beans are the perfect start into any day. I use the filter roast in my preferred home brewing method (V60) to get me going in the morning. And the espresso roast in a moka pot makes the perfect base for a homemade cappuccino. These beans should be a staple in every household and are certainly a good starting point into the world of specialty coffee.


    More infos about the origin of the coffee:

    Coffee was first cultivated in Cerrado Mineiro in the 1970s by farmers from Paraná and São Paulo. Through a technique that corrects soil acidity (liming) and irrigation, large-scale cultivation has become possible.


    The region has around 4500 farmers cultivating a combined area of 210,000ha. The Cerrado Mineiro presents a dry climate during the harvest period, which causes the coffee to suffer less from humidity after harvesting, allowing for a consistent drying process. The region, which covers 55 municipalities in total, achieved the Denomination of Origin in 2013 and was

    the first region in the country to receive this recognition.


    Meet three of the Monte Carmelo producers:

    INÁCIO CARLOS URBAN - Rio Brilhante Café Farm

    Inácio is 67 years old and he has 1,622 hectares of cultivated area in two units: Coramandel and João Pinheiro, with altitudes up to 1,150 masl, both on the Cerrado Mineiroregion.

    In 1986 he began with a small area - about 20 hectares - which he has grown gradually since. He brings with him the dream of feeding the world. Inácio has become one of the biggest producers in the country along with his sons. Their love for the land, the region and the produce, makes Rio Brilhante Café de Origem very special



    Amélia started working with coffee in 2008 and she has 15 hectares of cultivated area with altitude up to 1,155 masl in Patrocínio, Cerrado Mineiro region.

    “The motivation to continue is in coffee providing me and my family with a better quality of life.”


    ANTÔNIO CUSTÓDIO FARIA - Esmeril Ipanema Farm 

    António is 69 years old and he has 78 hectares of cultivated area in Patrocínio, Cerrado Mineiro region. He shares the farm with his brother Altamir. His family, who today grow

    the varieties of Catuaí and Mundo Novo, moved from Formiga in 1948 Antônio is an accounting technician but he was always interested in coffee. When his father gave up his

    plantation and ordered him and his brother to take over, they embarked on the project and have not looked back since.

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