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Moka Pot

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The Moka Pot is a classic way to brew an espresso at home. Just ask any Italian. It's simple, easy to use and bubbles into a beautiful brew.

If you have an induction stove, don't worry, check out our range of induction Moka pots. 

What you need

Run Down

  • 1:8 ratio

  • fine grind

Image by Hümâ H. Yardım


The Recipe

  • ~130 ml water 

  • 16 gr. ground coffee - fine grind​


The Prep

  • Check valve on Moka pot

  • Fill bottom with water (until just under the pressure valve)

  • Insert filter basket and fill with coffee

  • Screw top half back on


The Boil

  • Place Moka over medium heat

  • You will hear the typical bubbeling-hissing sound once it is done


Serve and Enjoy

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Need equipment?

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