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- Aeropress- 

The perfect travel companion - sturdy, rugged and yet it tickles such a clear taste our of each coffee bean. The Aeropress support a huge variety of brewing possibilities  Here is our favourite way to use it.


The Rundown

  • 1:12 ratio

  • medium-fine grind

  • 30 sec bloom

  • runtime ~1:30 

The Recipe

  • 200 ml water - boil more you will need it​

  • 17 gr. ground coffee - medium coars​

The Rinse

  • boil water

  • unscrew filterholder and place filter in it

  • rinse filter with hot water

  • place plunger in Aeropress and use upside down (filter attachment on top)

The Bloom

  • place coffee grounds in Aeropress

  • slowly pour about 50ml and start the timer

  • stir coffee until it is saturated

  • wait till timer hits 30 sec

The Press

  • Pour the rest of the water over the coffee

  • once timer hits 1:30 - stir 10 times

  • attach filter and place over cup

  • press down plunger

- Everything you need to brew this coffee at home - 

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